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Android Worldwide November 2020

Android Worldwide November 2020
Typ wydarzenia:
26.11.2020 (czwartek)
Online Event
On your computer
Strona www:
  • 18:15-19:00: Socializing
  • 19:00-19:45: А historical account of memory leaks in Android by Amanda Hinchman
  • 19:45-20:00: Break
  • 20:00-20:45: Ins and Outs of Custom View Development on Android by Ivan Škorić
  • 20:45: More socializing

Zapraszamy Was na kolejne spotkanie, tym razem w formie online. Wydarzenie współorganizujemy w ramach inicjatywy Android Worldwide, razem z grupami z Budapesztu, Wiednia i Belgradu.

Prezentacje prowadzone będą w języku angielskim na platformie Airmeet. Link do wydarzenia zamieścimy 48 godzin przed datą spotkania.

Zapraszamy wszystkich zainteresowanych do wzięcia udziału :)


Hello, Android Devs everywhere!

Our Android Worldwide community is getting bigger and bigger with each new event. On this occasion, Android Serbia, Android Budapest, Android Developer Group Poznan, and AndroidHeads Vienna are teaming up to bring you more quality content and an opportunity to learn and socialize.

This time, we'll talk about memory leaks and custom view development.

Are you missing in-person meetups and conferences? We sure do! COVID-19 made it impossible for us to gather in-person, but this is an excellent opportunity to light up that conference and meetup spirit once again.

For that, we decided to use a platform with great networking features and set aside plenty of time for friendly conversation between you and your fellow community members from around the globe.


Talk #1 А historical account of memory leaks in Android by Amanda Hinchman

Memory and threading are some of the most difficult topics in Android.

This talk takes a light-hearted approach at some of the colorful developments Android has gone through over the years from why AsyncTask had been deprecated to the eventual evolution of structured concurrency in Kotlin.

To truly understand the quirks of the history of memory leaks in Android requires some historical contexting, empathy, and a kinder view of open-source development.

Talk #2 Ins and Outs of Custom View Development on Android by Ivan Škorić

Custom views have always been an important part of the Android ecosystem. The platform itself always strived to provide you with all the components that you need to build apps. As the Android design philosophies changed, the UI components provided by the framework followed. Nevertheless, we still need custom views in a lot of apps. This talk touches on all the areas of custom views development, ranging from "why" to "how". Understanding how to properly create custom UI components also brings you closer to knowing how to use the already provided ones in the best possible way.

Some of the areas that we will address:

- What are custom views, and why do you need them

- How the views are measured and laid out

- Views vs. ViewGroups

- What are LayoutParams, and when do you need custom ones

- Composing views vs. writing them from scratch

- How views are connected to the XML and vice-versa

- How different is writing views for your app vs. writing a library.

The talk is suited for both beginners and more experienced developers.


The event will be hosted on Airmeet.com. We'll share a URL for this event 48 hours before it starts. Airmeet works best on the Chrome browser, so we politely recommend you to use it for this event.

Now, let's get on with getting to know each other. Happy meetup!

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