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AWS User Group KRK & Brainly - online meetup #51

AWS User Group KRK & Brainly - online meetup #51
Typ wydarzenia:
26.11.2020 (czwartek)
Online Event
On your computer
Strona www:

- "Welcome and intro" by Maciej Lelusz & Brainly

- "Serverless Security Automation with AWS" by Dennis Traub, Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services

- "Managing networking chaos while migrating to AWS multi-account architecture" by Krzysztof Szyper, Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Brainly.

In the meantime, we recommend watching this: https://youtu.be/DR956EG56Qg

- Discussion, Q&A


AWS User Group & BRAINLY

Great news!

Free pizza for attendees will be shared. How? Details will be revealed during the meeting.

Details about the presentations:

"Serverless Security Automation with AWS"

IT is inherently insecure and moving to the cloud could expose your workload to all new kinds of potential risks. However, AWS provides you with a large set of integrated tools to be at least as secure as your on-premises solution. In this talk and hands-on demo, you will learn how to combine these built-in tools with serverless technologies to monitor your environment and automatically detect, contain, and remediate security risks on AWS.


Dennis Traub is Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services. His favorite part of work is showing hands-on how to bring your ideas to life on AWS while keeping security and cost-efficiency in mind. He built his own first website in the early 90’s, lived through the dot-com era, and has been building web applications of all kinds and sizes ever since. In his free time, he loves traveling, reading tons of books, and with traveling being put on the back burner for now, has picked up his old passion for PC-based Flight Simulation, again.

"Managing networking chaos while migrating to AWS multi-account architecture"

Setting up networking with a tutorial is smooth like a breeze if you work with only one account and one VPC. What happens if you have to do it for five or ten accounts? What about a hundred more next month? What if each has VPCs in different regions? It's getting hard to think about all the possible routes and gateways, not to mention managing them in an organized fashion. Hear how we prepare for it and learn how it may benefit you on any given scale.


Krzysztof Szyper is a Senior Infrastructure Engineer at Brainly. He designs and implements a new infrastructure platform based on AWS. Platform is hosting any services or apps needed across all teams in the company. And Krzysztof is always willing to help his colleagues to understand its details on any technical level. He always thinks at scale and with Everything-as-Code mindset. In his spare time he's a passionate and patient portrait and aviation photographer, sometimes sitting for hours to capture the perfect image

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