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Appliscale is an independent Software House & technology consultancy which specialises in digital, bespoke and tailor made products full cycle engineering consulting - we deliver the most impactful cloud based software and build products that solve real problems. Our end-to-end software solutions come from business analysis, through project evaluation, to frontend/backend architecture design and deployment.

We operate at the cutting edge of technologies, exploring, transforming, scaling and optimising the way software businesses engineer their digital products. Our expertise spans from experience strategy, digital product innovation to solutions’ scalability and security.

Why work with us?

We are a group of curious and motivated technologists dedicated to building excellent products that have a lasting impact on users. We offer plenty of opportunities to gain solid experience and share expertise while working in full stack, distributed teams in a range of businesses like gaming, proptech, adtech, fintech, legaltech or ML/AI from startups, scaleups to Fortune 500 companies located across the USA, Asia and Europe. This is how we do it.

Flat structure
We elevate each employee’s responsibility and his/her taking ownership. You take the lead and pursue your passion.

Autonomy and ownership over projects! Small teams and project management supporting planning and communication around project’s milestones. Collaboration and collective creativity over formal rules-based KPIs for performance.

We network to get a broader perspective and build relationships - you get to hear what interesting challenges people are solving in their projects or what kind of passions or hobbies are there to share a conversation.

Knowledge sharing
We create spaces for sharing to happen - various internal knowledge sharing initiatives exist to connect smart people rowing in the same direction.

You may change a project, work with a different technology or pass a certification, etc. You have a bunch of opportunities and your own responsibility to take the lead on your growth!

We communicate openly, we share candid feedback. We build on trust so the innovation naturally happens!

Remote first
There is no difference if you work from home or the office. We focus on productivity, not hours and constant communication on Slack!

Timesheet gets filled in automatically, the onboarding process works online, a bot books a parking spot for you or reminds you about internal knowledge sharing initiatives. We love improvements like that!

Partnering with the Client
Everyone is a consultant actively engaged in ongoing discussions with our Clients regarding project scope, understanding the context for a solution to deliver a great experience to future users.
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Key information

Lokalizacja: Cracow
Typ firmy: Software House
Data powstania: 2015
Liczba pracowników: 51-100
Typ projektów: Projects for clients
Główni klienci / partnerzy: Branże: gaming, fintech, adtech, legaltech, proptech, e-commerce, Zasięg: USA, Europa

Used Technologies/Tools

Główne: Angular, AWS, C++, CI/CD , Docker, Elixir, Erlang, Flutter, Golang, Java, JavaScript, Jenkins, Kotlin, Kubernetes, Node.js, Python, React, Terraform, TypeScript, vue.js


  • Zdrowie PZU - opieka medyczna
  • Zdrowie PZU - ubezpieczenie na życie
Physical activity
  • cafeteria z Benefit Systems włączając w to multisport
Organization of time and place of work
  • remote-first
  • elastyczny czas pracy
  • firmowy sprzęt
Event budget
  • outdoor organizowane przez firmę, też z inicjatywy pracowników (curling, boardgames)
Development budget
  • dofinansowanie szkoleń & certyfikacji, kursy językowe, wewnętrzne gildie technologiczne, tematyczne warsztaty i panele dyskusyjne,

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