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Senior Front-end Developer



Typ: frontend
Poziom: senior
Odświeżono: Ponad miesiąc temu


Miasto: Kraków


Typ umowy: kontrakt b2b, umowa o pracę
Widełki: 17 000 - 21 000 zł netto (kontrakt b2b)


Typ projektów: projekty dla klientów
Nazwa produktu: Cloudinary
Wykorzystywane technologie/narzędzia:
Główne: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, React, Redux


Metodyka pracy: Scrum
Elastyczne godziny pracy: tak
Okazjonalna praca zdalna: tak

Wymagane technologie/narzędzia:

Mile widziane:

inne wymagania:

Doświadczenie: 3+
Język obcy: angielski
Poziom: Wykorzystanie w pracy:
Zastosowanie: czytanie dokumentacji, kontakt z klientem, zespół międzynarodowy,

Profity dla pracowników:

Health care package (Medicover)
English courses, technical & soft skills training, well-stocked internal library
External conference participation, frequent CodeteCON Conferences, international business trips
Fresh fruits & juicer
MultiSport program; sport, fun & recreation events
Chillout room
Social events & awaydays, fair & supportive community, support for your ideas
Open R&D department initiatives, open source initiatives
Switching between projects/technology
Individual career approach


Cloudinary is no ordinary tech company and we want You to know it as much as Codete does! With Codete you can develop a platform that’s used mainly by developers (not only) in order to manage all of their media needs in the cloud (AWS). Specially designed solution for quick and easy uploading, converting, using filters on images and videos for development needs (websites and apps). From upload, storage and security to a complex platform that speeds up the development process into a whole new level.
Codete’s team is also responsible for DAM (Digital Asset Management) solution focused more on a solution for marketing people, graphic designers, and content people.

In numbers:
Over 450 000 registered users, 5000 paying customers (just a few o them: Nike, Adidas, CNN, Taboola, Netflix, TED,, Redbull and more).
They manage more than 1 Billion images & Videos every day and work on an extremely large scale. Almost all of the news and e-commerce sites in Israel and abroad manage their images & Videos using Cloudinary – sounds good, huh?

We’re quite sure, this the most interesting thing that had a chance to see lately… or, you know… EVER! And Codete has exclusive access to it!

Business trips to Tel Aviv included.

Tasks to do:

  • Build Digital Asset Management solution.
  • Work with product and QAs on the fine details of the functional specifications provided by product and UX experts;
  • Technical design & architecture;
  • Implementation with attention to code quality & best practices;
  • Author unit and end-to-end automation tests;
  • Provide progress reports to sync stakeholders across the company.


  • Advanced Processing and analyzing of images & videos;
  • Using Machine and deep learning techniques for advanced object detection, tagging, complex transformations (for example – style transfers and adding color to black & white images);
  • Working in a “crazy” scale of an average of 3000 images & videos that are created each second! And the ability to handle more than tens of thousands images & videos per second!
  • Big Data – we manage large quantities of Data and information. Our goal is to improve it and better analyze it in order to give us and our customers added value;
  • Interfacing with leading CDN’s in the world and taking their abilities to the next level;
  • An advanced management and editing system which includes advanced search, Tags, management of MetaData and the whole media lifecycle, advanced reports and more;
  • Widgets that are incorporated in customer’s sites;
  • SDK’s in a variety of technologies that provide accessibility to all of this greatness.


  • 5+ years of experience in Front-end development using modern frameworks (React/Angular/Vue);
  • Deep knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • Ability to design and develop complex components, dealing with advanced architectural issues;
  • Excellent communication skills (English B2+) and ability to drive requirements;
  • Ability to lead tasks independently;
  • A “can-do” attitude


Values & Atmosphere

  • fair & supportive community
  • individual career approach
  • international business trips
  • social events & away days
  • support for your ideas

Personal development

  • external conference participation
  • technical & soft skills trainings
  • switching between projects/technology
  • English courses
  • well-stocked internal library

Health & Relax

  • health care package
  • MultiSport program
  • sport, fun & recreation events
  • chillout room
  • fresh fruits & juicer

Knowledge & culture

  • open source initiatives
  • frequent CodeteCON Conferences
  • open R&D department

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