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Dodano: Ponad miesiąc temu

Podstawowe informacje

Typ: Analytics
Poziom: praktyka / staż


Typ umowy: b2b, Umowa o pracę, Umowa zlecenie

inne wymagania

Język obcy: angielski

Benefity dla pracowników

  • Prywatna opieka medyczna
Aktywność fizyczna
  • Dofinansowanie karty sportowej
Budżet integracyjny
  • Integracje, zespołowe wyjścia
Budżet rozwojowy
  • Wewnętrzne szkolenia
Przestrzeń biurowa
  • Kuchnia
  • Parking dla rowerów

Description & Requirements

Who we are looking for
 File an application if:
  • you are completing bachelor’s, engineering, and master’s studies or you are a graduate of IT/Mathematical studies
  • you are a technology geek with solid IT background, you know Python (preferably libraries like pandas, numpy, scikit-learn, pytorch, fastapi, scrapy)
  • you need to read, write and speak English (min B2)
  • you understand the basic concepts of AI / Machine Learning
  • you heard about Docker or Kubernetes
  • you have strong analytical skills
  • you are available at least 30 hours a week in case of permanent work
Your future role
Your Future Role?

In your role you will have the opportunity to work with large sets of real business data, conducting data mining, hypothesis verification and building ML/AI models. In cooperation with our data engineers and MLOps, you will be responsible not only for creating MVPs, but also for transforming them into fully functional and production-ready solutions delivered to our customers via our dedicated Data Science Platform.

It is also worth noting that you will have the opportunity to participate in projects for the largest clients in Poland and Western Europe, from various industries, in particular: FSI, retail, e-commerce, life science & health care, telco and many others.  
What we offer
Why is it worth to take part?
  • You will implement AI solution with the support of Deloitte’s professionals
  • You will participate in team meetings with Deloitte’s employees
  • Your code will be reviewed by machine learning experts
  • During the lectures you will get a practical knowledge about solving and delivering machine learning projects
  • The best participants will get a job offer
  • You will meet new people, it will be fun, and you will not be bored :-)
Selection process
Duration of the internship:
  • 5 working days (20 hours a week)
  • Start: 10.10
  • All the workshops will be conducted online, yet please be prepared to visit our office in Q22 for a day or two: the inauguration of the Lab and the closing ceremony (depending on COVID situation)

The number of participants is limited!

The workshops will be held in the form of paid internships in the Deloitte consulting department, which may end with a permanent job offer.

Please be informed that we will contact only selected candidates.

About Deloitte
Deloitte is a variety of people, experience, industries, and services we deliver in 150 countries of the world. It is an intellectual challenge, a good starting point for your career, and an excellent opportunity for continuous development and gaining valuable life experiences. Deloitte is simply your best choice. Take the first step – press the apply button and send us your CV!
About the team

AI & Data Lab

Did you know that the biggest companies nowadays leverage Machine Learning and AI for their technological transformations regardless of the industry?

Transport, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, healthcare, fashion, retail, recruitment and many more – they all relay on it and need it.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and execute human-like tasks. Most of the examples of AI discussed today - from chess-playing computers to self-driving cars - rely heavily on machine learning and data science. With these technologies, computers can be trained to perform specific tasks by processing large amounts of data and identifying patterns in it. Deloitte is helping its Customers in AI solutions’ recommendation, introduction, implementation and maintenance by delivering and transforming their existing processes. If you wish to find out how AI and Machine Learning solutions are built leveraging leading-edge technology, join our new Data & AI Lab path! With dedication and willingness to learn you will also have the opportunity to land a job offer in our team at Deloitte! What is AI & Data Lab? AI & Data Lab is a mixture of online workshops lead by Deloitte experts, self-study, designing, coding and testing – all brought to you to have a glimpse on Data Scientist’s responsibilities during daily duties, and, luckily for you – it’s paid internship! Working in a team, you will have a chance to build a solution to an interesting business challenge from scratch. We will guide you through the full AI solution development lifecycle to get an interesting, distributed solution working. The best participants will have a chance to get a permanent job offer.
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