If you want to work in an environment that allows your skills to grow up to the cloud and be a part of automotive market transformation – this is the place and time!

Together with our client, a legendary sports car manufacturer, we are building highly advanced cloud solutions. When car shortages are impacting the automotive industry Feature on Demand is the fastest growing branch of the business. Our responsibility is to design and implement mission-critical software that will be able to present customise offer to anyone and anywhere.

At Grape Up you will have the empowerment to impact the way every project is run and developed. Your advice will directly affect customers’ decisions regarding technologies and solutions. We are looking for a flexible person who reacts quickly to changes. We appreciate lifelong learners and explorers eager to innovate.

Grape Up is a consulting & technology company, helping enterprises create the most critical applications by leveraging AI & cloud-native technologies and modern ways of delivering software.


18 700 – 25 400 PLN

22 000 – 30 000 PLN