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JavaScript Fullstack Developer

Odświeżono: dzisiaj

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Typ: full-stack
Poziom: senior


Typ umowy: b2b, umowa o pracę
Widełki: 18 000 - 23 000 zł netto (b2b)


Typ projektów: własny produkt


Metodyka pracy: Scrum
Długość sprintów: 2 tyg.
Wielkość zespołu: 4-5 os.
Elastyczne godziny pracy: tak

Wymagane technologie /narzędzia

Mile widziane:

inne wymagania

Doświadczenie: 4+
Wykształcenie: wyższe
Język obcy: angielski

Benefity dla pracowników

  • Opieka medyczna Luxmed
Organizacja czasu i miejsca pracy
  • Elastyczne godziny pracy
  • Pakiet relokacyjny
Budżet integracyjny
  • Wspólne wyjazdy integracyjne, wspólne wyjścia
Budżet rozwojowy
  • Kursy języka angielskiego
  • Seminaria, szkolenia indywidualne, HackDays
Przestrzeń biurowa
  • Playstation, piłarzyki
  • Parking samochodowy i rowerowy
Dodatkowe benefity
  • Wyjazdy służbowe do Szwecji i Norwegii
  • Roczna premia uzależniona od wyników
  • Employee Share Saving Plan
  • 4 dodatkowe dni urlopu
  • 2 dodatkowe tygodnie urlopu ojcowskiego


  • We’re running Admarket which is the main booking and reporting tool for direct ad sales in the Norway and Sweden market. To make it clear, we don’t do ads – at all.
  • Built two years ago, with a completely new design, Admarket delivers useful features which transform into multiple campaigns booked every day, worth thousands of NOKs/SEKs.
  • We play a vital role in Schibsted’s digital transformation.
  • Thanks to that strong commitment from the business, we have a long-term roadmap packed with completely new features.
  • The Admarket Team consists of 6 fullstack developers working with Node, React, and AWS.
  • We strictly cooperate with two backend teams (Rose and Ads API).
  • On the product side Patri and Solveig – our Project Managers, keep business requests clear & tidy
  • UI is created by our experienced designers who – yes – do nice designs.
  • When it comes to deliverables, we do like our adjusted SCRUM which plays nicely with CI/CD pipelines we built.


  • In this role, you’ll be building a SaaS website, backed by the latest tech stack based on modern ES standards.
  • On the frontend, we use React with a mix of modern and established libraries (react-query, react-testing-library but also redux and sagas)
  • We’re not afraid of types, and that’s why we keep our projects in TS or Flow
  • Part of your responsibilities will be writing BFF in Node.js which consists of REST and GraphQL services.
  • We also keep the responsibility of other tools, like mailing, user preferences, or Unleash.
  • In our daily work, we also use modern frontend tools, e.g. Babel, Webpack, ESLint, Prettier, and Travis CI for our CI & CD
  • We also use the Jest testing framework, Git, GitHub, and Jira on a daily basis


  • You have experience in building client-facing interfaces using JavaScript and React
  • You are passionate about providing top quality solutions from an engineering but also a business perspective
  • You have knowledge of GraphQL (nexus, apollo)
  • You are familiar with NodeJS backend development and event loop is sth you know very well
  • You know clean code patterns – SOLID, DRY or KISS 😉
  • You understand continuous deployment and its importance in software development
  • You like to make things but also have fun with that
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