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Frontend Developer

Typ: frontend
Poziom: regular
Dodano: 3 tygodnie temu


Miasto: Kraków
Możliwa praca zdalna 100%: nie


Typ umowy: kontrakt b2b, umowa o pracę


Typ projektów: własny produkt
Nazwa produktu: User account
Wykorzystywane technologie/narzędzia:
Główne: JavaScript, React


Metodyka pracy: Scrum
Wielkość zespołu: 4-5 os.
Elastyczne godziny pracy: tak
Okazjonalna praca zdalna: tak

Wymagane technologie/narzędzia:


inne wymagania:

Doświadczenie: 2+
Język obcy: angielski
Zastosowanie: czytanie dokumentacji, zespół międzynarodowy,

Profity dla pracowników:

Opieka medyczna
Opieka medyczna Luxmed
Kursy językowe
Kursy języka angielskiego
Wydarzenia branżowe
Seminaria, szkolenia indywidualne, HackDays
Playstation, piłarzyki
Wspólne wyjazdy integracyjne, wspólne wyjścia
Parking rowerowy
Parking rowerowy
Elastyczne godziny pracy
Wyjazdy służbowe do partnerów w Szwecji, Norwegii, Hiszpanii i Wielkiej Brytanii
Roczna premia uzależniona od wyników
Employee Share Saving Plan
Pakiet relokacyjny
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2 dodatkowe tygodnie urlopu ojcowskiego

Today more than 9 million users in Norway and Sweden have a Schibsted account and over 100 sites using it today, spanning over both Schibsted divisions Media and Marketplaces in Norway and Sweden. The journey from an unknown user to a paying subscriber is at the core of our digital business models, and Schibsted Account is a fundamental pillar for this purpose will the ultimate goal of building simple, safe and frictionless experiences for our users.


We are looking for a Fullstack engineer to join our team and become a key member of an ambitious and growing unit in Schibsted. Our aim is to build the final destination for Brand specific services and Schibsted global functions. We operate at the core of Schibsted’s digital business model and are responsible for empowering users to handle account settings, subscriptions and payments, site settings, profile and privacy controls.

We are a distributed team located in Oslo and Kraków, operating independently within the Schibsted group. How to organize the work and what tools to use is up to us and we have a big influence on what’s being built. We have a modern microservice architecture, managing and deploying all apps ourselves.


  • We use mostly React, ES 6/7, Typescript, SASS, Babel and Webpack on the front, while Node.js (Hapi.js) is our backend language. But we also try to experiment and challenge our own technology choices as much as possible. We care deeply about UI and UX, and use HTML5 and CSS3 to make the user experience as good as possible.
  • In our development process we take advantage of unit, integration and smoke testing with the help of continuous integration tools (Travis) and utilize cloud platforms like AWS and Heroku.
  • We follow best practices like TDD approach and mob programming.
  • We apply Scrum and Kanban methodologies in our daily workflow.

You will be part of a high speed, inclusive and fun environment where openness, collaboration and passion is key, working together with a diverse and highly qualified team at Schibsted in shaping the future news experience for our publishers. If you are open-minded and willing to constantly develop yourself, our team is the place for you. We are humble and care a lot about our craft, always encouraging ourselves and others to try, learn and succeed.

Sounds perfect for you? Don’t hesitate to submit your application!

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