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PHP Developer (mid)

Odświeżono: Ponad miesiąc temu

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Typ: backend
Poziom: regular


Typ umowy: b2b, umowa o pracę
Widełki: 12 000 - 20 000 zł netto (b2b)


Typ projektów: własny produkt
Nazwa produktu: Tidio - communicator for business (live chat wspierany przez chatboty)
Wykorzystywane technologie/narzędzia:
Główne: PHP
Poboczne: Docker, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Redis


Metodyka pracy: Scrum
Długość sprintów: 2 tyg.
Elastyczne godziny pracy: tak

Wymagane technologie /narzędzia

Mile widziane:

inne wymagania

Doświadczenie: 2+
Język obcy: angielski
Wykorzystanie w pracy:
Zastosowanie: zespół międzynarodowy,

Benefity dla pracowników

  • Ubezpieczenie medyczne premium (Signal Iduna) bez dodatkowych opłat
Aktywność fizyczna
  • Kartę Multisport bez dodatkowych opłat lub +160 zł do wydania w MyBenefit Cafeteria
  • Możliwość korzystania z indywidualnego wsparcia psychologicznego
Organizacja czasu i miejsca pracy
  • Możliwość pracy w 100% zdalnie
  • Możliwość korzystania z biur w Warszawie lub Szczecinie
  • Możliwość pracy z przestrzeni coworkingowej w Twoim mieście
Budżet integracyjny
  • Regularne wydarzenia integracyjne (ogólnofirmowe 2 x w roku) oraz zespołowe (min. co 3 miesiące)
Budżet rozwojowy
  • Budżet szkoleniowy do przeznaczenia na wybrane kursy i szkolenia
  • Budżet na indywidualne lekcje języka angielskiego
  • Bezpłatny dostęp do jednej z najpopularniejszych baz e-booków/audiobooków
Przestrzeń biurowa
  • Tradycyjne bajgle powitalne w pierwszym dniu pracy :)
Dodatkowe benefity
  • 26 dni wolnych gwarantowanych w ciągu roku
  • Indywidualny wybór sprzętu – Macbook, monitor Dell, słuchawki JBL? Decyzja należy do Ciebie!
  • Zniżki na produkty Apple

We’re one of the fastest-growing IT companies in Europe. Our flagship product is a live-chat app powered by unique chatbot solutions. As a customer experience tool, we help micro & small businesses all over the world serve their clients efficiently.

Working at Tidio means having an impact on thousands of companies and millions of their users. But our clients are not the only ones who can grow with us. By joining Tidio, you can grow, too!

A few facts about us:

  • Every month, our widget is viewed by 510 million unique users, which is 6.2% of the global population.

  • Our product is in the TOP 5 most popular live chat solutions in the world, and our goal is to become no. 1.

  • Currently, we hire over 130 fantastic people and we plan to grow the team even bigger in the next months

  • Our API handles 27 million queries on a daily basis.

  • We serve 550k WebSocket connections in the peak time.

How we work in the Tech Team:

  • The Tech team is the biggest one in Tidio, currently consisting of more than 60 people.

  • We like to be on top with tech, so we use PHP 8 and the newest versions of other technologies.

  • We review our code and care about its quality (PHPStan level 8) and test coverage.

  • We work in Scrum.

  • We offer a possibility to grow in different technologies (i.e. NodeJS, AWS, Docker or Machine Learning) or paths (i.e. leadership).

  • We exchange experiences in our guilds – Backend, Frontend, QA.

  • We have internal lightning talks and many training opportunities (i.e. Scrum PSD or event storming with Bottega).

Would you like to see how working with us look like? Check out our #GrowWithTidio video >https://youtu.be/8xd44wCP5LI

As a Backend Developer you will:

  • work on developing Tidio app (new features & maintenance) in Scrum (mostly 2 weeks sprints, small teams),

  • actively cooperate with your Scrum team consisting of Backend, Frontend, and QA Engineers, Designer, UX Researcher, and a Product Owner,

  • contribute to developing new solutions while sharing your opinion and ideas during Scrum Events, Guild meetings, or simply in Slack channels,

  • use the following tech stack: PHP 8, Elasticsearch, Redis, RabbitMQ and Docker.

Job requirements

 You are a perfect candidate if you:

  • have at least 2-3 years of experience working as a Software Developer

  • have expertise in PHP (preferably PHP 8/8.1 so you know all the newest features)

  • know different types of software architecture

  • have knowledge of MySQL

  • have expertise in one of PHP’s frameworks (i.e. Laravel or Symfony)

  • use SOLID and implement good practices

  • test your code on a daily basis

You’ll score extra points if you:

  • have knowledge of Event Storming

  • have knowledge of DDD

  • have knowledge of Event Sourcing

 We would like to offer you:

  • A real impact on the company’s growth 🚀

  • Remuneration 12 000 – 19 000 PLN net in the case of a B2B contract or 10 000 – 15 800 PLN gross on the contract of employment.

  • Work with a team that continually shares knowledge and is not afraid of testing new solutions.

  • Great development opportunities – company supported courses and conferences,

  • Flexible working time – an optimum work-life balance is important!

  • Possibility to work 100% remotely, use one of our two permanent offices (in Warsaw or Szczecin), or book a coworking space in your city.

  • 26 days off guaranteed in a year

  • Individual work tools – Macbook Pro, Dell screen, JBL headphones? You can tailor your equipment to your needs,

  • Multisport Card or MyBenefit Cafeteria – no extra charge,

  • Premium medical care (Signal Iduna) – no extra charge,

  • Mental wellbeing program – individual therapy sessions and resources for employees,

  • Regular integration events (company-wide twice a year) and team events (every quarter)

  • Discounts on Apple products

  • Budget for individual English language classes

  • Free access to one of the most popular e-book/audiobook services,

  • Our famous onboarding bagels on your first day!

What happens when you send your CV?

  • Phone call with a recruiter about the position and about the team [45 min]
  • Interview with the manager and the recruiter about your experience [1,5h]
  • Task to be done at home (in Laravel or Symfony – you choose) or our review of your repository
  • Technical call with feedback on the task with additional questions [1,5h]
  • Offer and fireworks!

We work digitally by design but if you prefer to work from the office you can visit us at our sites in Szczecin (al. Wojska Polskiego 81) or in Warsaw (Varso Place on Chmielna 73 https://cic.com/warsaw)

If you managed to get so far, why don’t you just apply?

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