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#6 techBytes: Let me AI it for you * anniversary edition

Typ wydarzenia:
12.06.2024 (środa)
Ocado Technology Wrocław Office
Szewska 8

[in-person event]

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Say hAI to your new imaginative friend!

We’re excited to invite you to our next techBytes meetup @Ocado Technology on June 12th! This is a special anniversary edition - our community is celebrating its 2nd anniversary in Poland, and we would like to celebrate it with you!

Get ready to dive into the fascinating realm of Artificial Intelligence where innovation knows no boundaries. From 'AI don’t know what AI’m doing?' moments to 'Let me AI it for you' solutions, we've got the tools and the prompts to spark our creativity.

Join our industry experts as they share insights into the integration of AI technologies into everyday processes, from chatbots answering queries to generating photorealistic images for fashion e-commerce.

So, bring your own prompt, the pizza and beer are on us.

Main organisational information:

  • We’ll start at 18:00 (6:00 P.M.) at our office, located on Szewska 8 Street (Wrocław Old Town). The entrance to the building is next to Green Caffè Nero.
  • Our Ocado team will welcome you at the ground level and help you with the registration before the event.
  • After the talks, we invite you to the networking part over beers and pizza :)


18:00 - Grab a drink and take a seat

18:10 - Intro

18:15 - 18:45

Speaker: Adam Niedziałkowski, Senior Software Engineer at Ocado Technology

Topic: Misheard lyrics: The story of reducing hallucinations in LLM-based Assistant


Do you have that one friend who loves to sing, but never actually remembers the lyrics and sings something that sounds quite right, but not exactly? Or do you recall the last time your child told you a story, a story you knew. It had a ring of the original outline in it, but the details were somehow off? Just like your friend mixes up lyrics, or a child may mix up story details - AI models can also ‘hallucinate’ information.

This is the exact situation we found ourselves in when building Ocado’s first GenAI assistant - the OTP Assistant. OTP Assistant is a chatbot tasked with answering platform related queries, therefore speeding up the development and debugging. It’s often challenging even for a seasoned engineer to do this reliably. Now imagine a child, or a friend who isn't detail-oriented, trying to support over 150 technologies and hundreds of products for over 1300 engineers. Sounds unlikely to work. Despite these challenges, we made the OTP Assistant work effectively. We ensured Assistant sticks to the facts by tightly controlling the “engine” behind the OTP Assistant’s answers or, to put it more formally, we carefully limited the hallucinations of the Large Language Model that our Assistant is based on.

During the presentation, I'll explain the core concepts of hallucinations in Large Language Models. I’ll also demonstrate practical techniques we've developed at Ocado to minimise these errors, helping ensure our AI provides accurate and reliable support.

18:45 - 18:50


18:50 - 19:20

Speaker: Mariusz Jeleń, Principal Product Manager & Konrad Wadas, Staff Software Engineer at Ocado Technology

Topic: Navigating AI Innovations: from hackathon to production with large language models


Explore the transition of a Large Language Model from a hackathon project to a fully integrated production solution. In this joint presentation, an engineer and a product manager team up to unfold the narrative of innovation in Ocado Technology. Our engineer, buzzing with enthusiasm for new technologies, will share the journey of developing an LLM-based chatbot from concept to deployment. Concurrently, the product manager will ground the discussion in the realities of data-driven decision-making and managing change in times of technological disruption. Together, they will provide practical insights and step-by-step guidance on how to bring groundbreaking ideas to life and evaluate their business potential responsibly.

19:20 - 19:25


19:25 - 19:55

Speaker: Marek Wituszynski, Product Engineer at Tooploox

Topic: Revolutionizing Fashion E-commerce with GenAI


Explore a case study on merging GenAI with fashion for a top global e-commerce customer and Tooploox. Challenge: to use GenAI for generating photorealistic images that mirror the platform’s vast fashion inventory. This task required precision and innovation, pushing us to rapidly prototype and refine our image generation processes. We ensured our solution accurately captured fashion’s essence, avoiding ‘hallucinations.’ This talk reveals the strategies behind moving from concept to production, highlighting the art of quick, effective prototyping. Join for an inside look at the future of fashion retail through the lens of technology.

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