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International Women's Day Celebration

International Women's Day Celebration
Typ wydarzenia:
06.03.2017 (poniedziałek)
bulwar Kurlandzki
"Telling Our Story" International Women's Day Celebration

Lets celebrate all together this year's International Women's Day with 3 totally different talks. Hoping everyone will find something interesting here: 

  • "Scaling yourself up - from individual contributor to a team leader" by Joanna Chwastowska 
When we grow as engineers we usually focus first on expanding our technical skills. But sooner or later there comes a moment that we reach our full capacity - there's only so much code we can add within 24 hours, and so much we alone can move the project forward. How do we increase our impact then?

In this talk Joanna will touch on what makes a great tech leader and manager, how managing engineers is different than any other management, and how one can grow to build and sustain a happy and productive technical team. 

From an engineer, to a Tech/Lead Manager, to a Site Lead - after 9 years of working at Google in Krakow, more than year ago Joanna started to build the engineering office for Spring, NY based e-commerce startup. 

From the tech side, she was creating the web and mobile applications for years. From the management side she led various teams, local and distributed, small and large, working with all sorts of engineers to change the world. She founded (and closed;) her own startup, which taught her a lesson too. Passionate about people, team dynamics, and how we help each other grow. 

As a mentor she supported various non-profit technology initiatives such as Tech2Empower in Ukraine, digital poverty mapping of the poor areas in Philippines, and co-organized Campus for Mums in Cracow. 

  • "Machine Learning is redefining industries" by Łukasz Siatka 
Complex machine learning models, such as deep neural networks, have recently achieved great predictive successes for visual object recognition, speech perception, language modeling, and information retrieval. These predictive successes are enabled by automatically learning expressive features from the data. Typically, these learned features are a priori unknown, difficult to engineer by hand, and hard to interpret. This presentation is about the industries that machine learning redefines.

Łukasz - student of Jagiellonian University, Machine Learning Study Group organizer, activist and entrepreneur. Every single day he approaches the age when most people believe that they still have enough time to do everything they want. He does not know how to live in illusions and appreciates the efficiency and streamlining of processes. He is interested in IT, psychology, multitasking optimisation methods. He is expressing himself by being an audio engineer and events organizer, as well as changing the world with various NGOs. 

  • "What am I doing here? - Women in IT" by Monika Braun 

This will be a story about experience and knowledge sharing. The story about the most important persons, challenges and skills which can help to achieve your own goals – be the best you!
This is my own story from Trainer | Task Manger| Agile coach | Quality Manager| Scrum anti-purist |People Manager| IT Team member| woman (choose the best one) perspective. So it will be a short story about the passions and different (self) management techniques from some woman who live in IT world and love it!

Monika - Many passions aggregated in one person: keen QA, agile believer, propagator of development soft skills in IT and lover of working with people.

Coach of quality assurance and testing methodologies, that teaches new testers and test managers for a few years, during the workshops, trainings, as well as on public and private universities. 
Agile consultant and trainer, scrum anti-purist and peer-to-peer motivation passionate.She loves agile, because it changes the way of thinking and motivates to look for a business value through the prism of people who makes up this values. She believes that it allows to make great things in a team and derive satisfaction from achieving goals.

Coach of soft skills dedicated to IT, that developed, for her own projects and project teams, the training program focused on supporting IT geeks in daily cooperation with the rest of the world. Based on business cases dedicated to specific roles, she empowers people's skills such as communication, assertiveness, negotiation and team building. 
Combining agile methodologies with quality assurance and focusing on people she supports the transformations of processes and teams, increasing effectiveness and engagement in achieving project goals.Always passionately shares her experience and knowledge, supporting teams in discovering their abilities and finding new effective methods of incorporation of good practices in daily work.

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