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OWASP Meeting in Krakow

OWASP Meeting in Krakow
Typ wydarzenia:
18.01.2023 (środa)
Na Zjeździe 11
Strona www:
  • AppSec trends & predictions 2023 (Marcin Szydłowski)
  • Microservices development vs OWASP Top10 A1 (Daniel Krasnokucki)
  • Open discussion / Lightning talks / IT Security jobs (if any)


If you hadn't attended our previous meetings - OWASP is a group related to application security issues. This time, Marcin Szydłowski will share his thoughts about the future of application security and Daniel Krasnokucki, current OWASP Poland Chapter Leader will speak about microservices security.

As usual, we are open to discuss any application security related topic, there will be a time for open discussion or to present IT security related jobs if you are an employer.

Please RSVP and save the date!

If you have a minute, please share this link with friends and in social media.

BTW - if you have interesting topic to talk about, send us your proposal.

AppSec trends & predictions 2023

It is this time of the year when cybersecurity professionals pull out their crystall balls and tarot cards to predict what will be the industry trends in the next 12 months. Over the last few weeks I had a chance to plan what to focus on in 2023 and clash my opinions with some of the AppSec/ProductSec leaders in Poland. As interviewed individuals represent many different points of view (security consultants, bug bounty hunters, product security leaders) we have an interesting mixture of opinions and thoughts on SSDLC and Product Security in general.

If you are interested in most problematic vulnerabilities, upcoming challenges for software houses or predicted changes in tools & methodologies join us in Krakow and be part of the discussion."

Speaker's bio:

Marcin Szydłowski - Cybersecurity professional who spent last 10 years on improving security posture of different-sized companies in various industries. Started his security journey as a pentester and security consultant, went through building global teams responsible for application security in international companies and currently acts as a head of security at Booksy. Continuously struggling to find free time to do bug bounty hunting.

Microservices development vs OWASP Top10 A1. Authorization in multilayer architecture

Nowadays all companies try to make software in agile way. The smaller pieces are done, the better. Architecture of computer programs changed a lot and everyone is try going into microservices, microfrontends and a lot of communication between those. BUT... wait... which layer is responsible for authorization? In the short presentation I will present main challenges and possible solutions in microservices world and hopefully open some discussion about your experience in this area!

Speaker's bio:

Daniel Krasnokucki - developer and appsec guy, who leads Product Security team @ Equinix. Every day works on improving, testing and automating security for very dynamic and innovative software. After work (as much as possible) training people about development and security and if any free time is left - spending time with family, dog and trying to find time for sport...

Open discussion / Lightning Talks / IT Security jobs

The stage is yours. If you have something inspiring to share or just IT security related job offer - don't hesitate, it's open meeting and it's all about exchange of views and information.

Więcej informacji: https://www.meetup.com/owasp-poland/events/290738511/

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