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ProductTank Poznań

ProductTank Poznań
Typ wydarzenia:
22.05.2019 (środa)
Baraniaka 6
Baraniaka 6
Strona www:

Hi all,

It took us a while, but we are now ready to bring you the third ProductTank in Poznan on 22nd of May.

This time we will talk about Analytics and its role in Product Management.

Do we need it?

Should we be friends with it?

How to use it?

Should we trust it?

Is IT the only source of truth?

We have four super cool guests to share their thoughts and recommendations on the topic.

We are testing new form - Lightning Talks!

All ladies will share approx 10 min presentations each, that hopefully will be a start to many interesting discussions.


Dorota Mierzwa

Junior Data Analyst at Fandom Ad Engineering team, on an endless quest to becoming a better analyst. She’s fascinated by wrangling data and smiles with each new insight found in user interactions with ads. There is a special place in her heart for data visualisations that convey stronger message than any arguments.


It’s not (only) about the money - metrics in the world of ads.

Ads are usually associated with revenue, but there are number of other less obvious metrics that have huge impact on the final result. Having lots of data is great. However, simply monitoring the numbers is not enough to get a better understanding of a product and its users. I will talk about few metrics we use and how we get them to help generate business value.


Martyna Urbanek-Trzeciak

Data geek by passion, molecular biologist and computer scientist by education, educator by heart. Martyna is currently product data analyst at Fandom but also doing some bioinformatic magic after hours. She is a dataholic always trying to learn new things from statistics through AI to productisation of data or share her knowledge with others.


Everyone is AB testing these days and the idea behind AB tests is very simple: test one defined change on real web traffic in controlled environment. However, it may be tricky especially when we assume that there is nothing that may go wrong. During this short presentation we will cover examples of data flaws and experiment false assumptions to gain a better idea how to prepare from data perspective for AB testing.


Justyna Walkowska

She works as a Lead Product Manager at Fandom. She has a background in R&D and computer linguistics. In her daily work, she is the Technical Product Manager for two backend/infrastructure teams as well as a people manager. As she is also managing two two-legged and one four-legged creature at home, her favourite after-work activity at this stage of her life is sleeping.


Not all companies take advantage of Product Managers in backend teams. In my lightning talk (Backend Product Measures), I intend to briefly describe the role and explain what metrics can be used to make data-driven product decisions about system internals, where Google Analytics can offer you no solace.


Agata Żarek

Product Analyst, OLX


Do you often question the data? Has the data tricked you more than once? Have you ever misread the data?

I am working as a Product Analyst and the answer for each question is YES!

In a few years of my career I've learnt some simple tricks thanks to which the data cannot bamboozle me in an easy way. In the talk I would like to share this knowledge with you showing the problems which I experienced and how I overcame them.

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