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ScalaWAW #25 - a visit from Scala Center!

ScalaWAW #25 - a visit from Scala Center!
Typ wydarzenia:
06.12.2022 (wtorek)
Sumo Logic
al. Solidarności 173
Strona www:
  • 18:00 - 18:15 - Meet & greet
  • 18:15 - 19:15 - "Contributing to Scala", Anatolii Kmetiuk, James Thompson, Adrien Piquerez
  • 19:15 - 20:00 - Networking break, sponsored by Sumo Logic
  • 20:00 - 20:20 - "IntelliJ Scala Plugin - Performance Tips", Maciej Gorywoda
  • 20:20 - ... - Afterparty!

Hello everyone!

25 is a pretty round number, and thus 25th ScalaWAW meetup is going to be huge! This time we will host guests from Scala Center from Lausanne where Scala was founded, who are going to convince us all to contribute to Scala. To make it even cooler, there's a followup event of the Scala Spree hackathon. You can sign up for it here: https://www.meetup.com/scalawaw/events/289954415/

The sponsor of the meetup is JetBrains:

Hello from JetBrains! We are happy to be sponsoring Scala Spree Warsaw 2022. Join us this December to learn about how IntelliJ IDEA and the Scala plugin can help make your life easier. We hope to see you there!

The event will be live-streamed. Follow our Youtube channel for the details: https://www.youtube.com/scalawaw

Abstracts & bios:

  • "Contributing to Scala", Anatolii Kmetiuk, James Thompson, Adrien Piquerez

Scala started as a research project and quickly evolved into a mature technology and a thriving ecosystem, thanks to the combined power of the open-source community and the software industry.

One of our missions, at the Scala Center, is to guide and support all contributors in developing the future of Scala, in a productive and harmonious way. Whether you are a Scala enthusiast, a Scala professional developer or a stakeholder of the Scala industry there are ways you can get involved that will benefit you and the community.

In this talk, you will hear about:

  • The mission of the Scala Center
  • The on-going projects we are working on with the community
  • Ways to get involved and contribute to Scala

This is also an opportunity to meet and chat with the Scala Center team.

  • "IntelliJ Scala Plugin - Performance Tips", Maciej Gorywoda

A full-blown IDE is one of the most complicated applications you can find on an average laptop. In consequence, we - the Scala Plugin team in JetBrains - from time to time receive reports that our product lags in certain situations or works slowly in general. In some of these cases we can help, but in others - for example, when your codebase is big and complicated, or when your machine is old - there is not much we can do. Instead, there are some things you can try yourself to improve your IntelliJ IDEA and Scala Plugin experience, like configuration tweaks, and good coding practices. In this talk, we will quickly go through some of them.

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