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Snowflake Warsaw Meetup@ Poland Builder Workshop: Gen AI and ML

Snowflake Warsaw Meetup@ Poland Builder Workshop: Gen AI and ML
Typ wydarzenia:
24.04.2024 (środa)
Marcina Kasprzaka 4
Marcina Kasprzaka 4

I would like to extend an invitation to you for our upcoming meeting. This time, we have the privilege of being invited by Snowflake to participate in a special workshop focusing on Generative AI and Machine Learning within Snowflake. I believe it would be beneficial for us to take part.

### BUILD.Learn: Generative AI and ML with Snowflake

In this workshop, you’ll learn how you can use Generative AI and ML with Snowflake. You’ll learn about Snowflake Cortex and how to quickly leverage Generative AI with your data. You’ll also learn about Snowpark Container Services and how to run containerized applications in your Snowflake account. Here are a few of the things the workshop will cover in the lecture and the hands-on lab:

  • Snowflake Cortex: Specialized and general-purpose serverless generative AI functions
  • Streamlit in Snowflake for creating Generative AI or ML-based applications
  • Snowpark Container Services for running open-source LLMs, fine-tuning your own LLMs
  • Snowpark ML modeling for feature engineering and model training in Snowpark
  • Snowpark Model Registry for model management in Snowflake


The workshop will span approximately three hours, designed to maximize your learning and hands-on experience.

Introduction (1 hour): You’ll start with a comprehensive introduction and overview of how Snowflake is used across data engineering, ML / AI, or applications – delivered by a Snowflake expert. You'll learn about unique Snowflake features, like Snowpipe, Snowpark, Snowpark Container Services, APIs, and more.

Hands-On Lab (2 hours): After grasping the basics, you'll learn-by-doing with an interactive hands-on lab, facilitated by a Snowflake expert. You'll apply what you've learned by using Snowflake and gaining practical experience. If you successfully complete the lab, you’ll earn a digital badge that represents your new skills.

Upon successful completion of the lab, you’ll receive a digital badge to acknowledge your newfound skills. This badge isn't just a token of accomplishment; it's a tool to help you stand out! Share it on your LinkedIn, Twitter, or any social platform to showcase your commitment to continuous learning and your expertise in Snowflake technology.

! This event requires external registration *for free* at the following link: !

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