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Turkusowe Śniadanie ONLINE z warsztatem The Distributed Power Model: first steps

Turkusowe Śniadanie ONLINE z warsztatem The Distributed Power Model: first steps
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01.12.2023 (piątek)
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Do you want to move toward self-organization and don't know where to start?

Registered participants will receive a copy of the chapter by email before the event. Please write here to register: [email protected]

Join us for the Teal Breakfasts workshop with Dr Alicia Medina and Dr Rolf Medina, researchers and consultants. They recently published a book "Teal, Trust, Transparency" (2023) where they presented the Distributed Power Model.

What is it?

The Distributed Power model is a systemic model consisting of 12 interconnected areas that can help organizations to implement the improvements or transformations that are needed to face the future and how to lead, organize, and collaborate in an organization based on self-organizing.

The areas are People, Culture, Organizing, Leadership, Decision-making, Transparency and Communication, Salary model and Profit-sharing, Digital tools and Technology, Competence and Learning, Workplaces and Working Hours, Social Responsibility Sustainability, and Finances. The areas are circumscribed by a purpose that goes beyond profit and that needs to be defined at several levels: organizational, team and individual. The purpose needs to be accompanied by even over principles.

The Distributed Power model is based on trust, respect, organizing work together, and seeing the organization as a whole, and is a powerful tool that leaders and organizations can use to make self-organizing and Teal a reality. Between 2018-2020, Rolf Medina together with Alicia Medina conducted more than 300 interviews in more than 100 companies. Based on the research, the Distributed Power (DP) model was created, which combines suggested self-organizing approaches and frameworks with specific organizational practices. Alicia and Rolf elaborate their ideas behind the DP model in the book Teal, Trust, Transparency which was recently published in English (May 2023) and can be found at Amazon.com

What are we inviting you for?

We will be discussing one of the chapters from the book and sharing our thoughts and ideas of how to make first steps into the world of self-organizin

Więcej informacji: https://www.meetup.com/Turkusowe-%C5%9Aniadania-o-biznesie-inaczej/events/29696...

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