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#264 D. Chudek "From Zero to SM" Ł. Adamski "Escaping the Jungle Law..."

#264 D. Chudek "From Zero to SM" Ł. Adamski "Escaping the Jungle Law..."
Event type:
06.02.2023 (monday)
DXC Technology
Szturmowa 2A

ATTENTION: This is an in-person meeting conducted in English.

Our host requires the first and last names of attendees, so only those with their first and last name in their Meetup profile will be considered.

This time during the event there will be two lectures.

The first topic: Dawid Chudek "From Zero to Scrum Master"

These days, more and more people desire to be Scrum Masters. Many of them come from various industries and have no previous experience in that role or in the IT field. The majority of them have an issue with getting their first job as a Scrum Master. I had also this problem. In my talk, I'd like to present the process that I've used during my "from Zero to Scrum Master" journey. I learned a lot at that time and I will share key takeaways (aka lessons learned) which might be helpful for people who are in the situation that I was in some time ago.

For whom is this lecture?

This presentation is mainly targeted towards individuals who are looking to switch careers. There will likely also be people in the room who have already switched careers in the past, so there will also be an opportunity for them to share their experience.

Dawid Chudek:

I'm the Scrum Master, podcaster, and author of the blog about personal development. My mission is to redefine personal development, support people in their growth, and convince as many people as possible that change is possible, no matter what is your current situation. I also popularize the usage of Scrum in everyday life situations and also I help people to become Scrum Masters from scratch.

Linkedin Blog Podcast

The second topic: Łukasz Adamski: "Escaping the Jungle Law - how sociocratic facilitation may help you create engaging and inclusive meetings"

Have you ever been at a meeting dominated by two people fighting about who's right? Maybe you wanted to say something and had no space in the discussion? Perhaps you were facilitating a meeting when no one wanted to speak, and the dead silence lasted forever? In my presentation, I'll show you the Sociocratic practice of facilitating discussion in rounds. It will help you run a meeting so that people do not have to fight for their voices and have space to listen to each other.

For whom is this lecture?

Everyone, specially people facilitating meetings

Łukasz Adamski:

I am a Scrum Master/Agile Coach with 3,5 years of experience in these roles. In recent months my main focus was self-management transformation, in which I got to know Sociocracy. I discovered that I believe in its values of effective collaboration and an inclusive environment. I especially fell in love with round discussion and decision by consent.


Warm thanks to DXC Technology for hosting the event and providing snacks, coffe and tea :)

Thanks to QAgile for sponsoring the recording of the event.

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