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KJUG #27 “SoftwareMill’s JUG tour!”

KJUG #27 “SoftwareMill’s JUG tour!”
Event type:
21.11.2019 (thursday)
Polish , English
Garaż - restauracja\, bar\, pub
Henryka Sienkiewicza 53
  • Talk #1 “Reactive Manifesto 5 years later” by Krzysztof Ciesielski
  • Talk #2 “Is it possible to deploy a production-ready Kafka cluster during one presentation?” by Grzegorz Kocur


Talk #1 “Reactive Manifesto 5 years later” by Krzysztof Ciesielski


It’s been a while since the Reactive Manifesto got widely announced and discussed. What changed since then? Was it a meaningful movement that shaped the direction of the evolution of software engineering? Or just another fancy set of buzzwords? This talk summarizes what “reactive” really means today and how the technological landscape looks like within the JVM ecosystem after it got stirred 5 years ago.


Krzysztof works at SoftwareMill as an engineer passionate about distributed systems, reactive architecture and functional programming. Conference speaker and trainer. He builds software using Scala and the JVM ecosystem, trying to improve it by OpenSource contributions like the Alpakka Kafka library, Scala Clippy and other projects.

Talk #2 “Is it possible to deploy a production-ready Kafka cluster during one presentation?” by Grzegorz Kocur


Communication by means of messages is the basis of modern systems based on microservice architecture. Kafka is often the first choice due to performance and stability. At the presentation, I will show how to install the Kafka cluster on Kubernetes using Strimzi operator. I will also tell you briefly what Kafka is itself and what the concept of k8s operators is. Additionally, I will tell you what features a ready for production system should have and why Strimzi exactly meets these conditions. The presentation is divided into 2 parts — in the first one I will tell you some theory; in the second I will install Kafka on the previously prepared k8s cluster. And I will show how easy it is to manage Kafka installed this way.


Grzegorz has more than twenty years of experience in Linux systems administration. He loves to automate everything and is always open to learning new technologies. He strongly believes in open-source philosophy.


Sponsorem założycielskim JUGa jest Virtus Lab.

Sponsorem wydarzenia jest firma SoftwareMill.

SoftwareMill is a custom software development company. We have been delivering services remotely and worldwide for 10 years. Our specialisation is distributed systems, big data, blockchain, machine learning, and data analytics. We specialise in Scala, Kafka, Akka, and Cassandra, among other technologies. We focus on quality, self-improvement and a true engineering approach.

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Licencje na IDE sponsoruje Jet Brains: twórca najlepszego IDE do Javy na świecie :)

Książki z katalogu Manning dla uczestników Meetupu.

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Python, Java, JavaScript, SQL, Linux...
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10 ofert pracy
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