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Senior React Native Developer

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Key information



Type: frontend
Level: senior

formal aspects

Contract type: b2b
Salary range: 17 000 - 24 000 net PLN (b2b)


Type of projects: projects for clients
Used Technologies/Tools:
Key: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, Node.js, React Native, React.js


Working method: Kanban, Scrum
Flexible working hours: yes

Required technologies /tools

React Native

other requirements

Experience: 3+
Foreign language: English
Application: reading documentation, contact with customers, international team,

Callstack is a team of highly skilled individuals that can help you with your React and React Native project. We provide top cross-platform consultancy & development and co-create and shape the technology we offer – we are core contributors and innovators.

Our main goal is to drive and accelerate software development innovation. To achieve that, we follow our main rule:

We don’t follow best practices.

We set them!


What is unique about working at Callstack?

  • You will work with the best React Native experts (including core contributors and leaders of the React Native community) on applications used by millions worldwide.
  • You can develop your own ideas in our R&D program. If you want to bring your visions to life – Callstack will support you. If needed – We give you the opportunity to pull you off the client project and focus on your own initiative.
  • You can use our dedicated budget to work on Open Source projects or even React Native core. Contribute to projects like React Native Paper, Linaria, React Native Testing Library, and many more.
  • If you want to showcase your expertise, there are plenty of possibilities to do it. You can speak at our React Native EU conference, be featured in our blog, or The React Native Show podcast episode.
  • You will be working with top experts and community leaders such as Mike Grabowski, Michał Pierzchała, Satya Sahoo, or Paweł Trysła, to name just a few.
  • With the help of our HR team, you can upgrade your soft skills naturally.Join us and work with the TOP Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies in the USA.
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