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AI, Angular, and more with GDG 3City x SoftServe

AI, Angular, and more with GDG 3City x SoftServe
Typ wydarzenia:
23.05.2024 (czwartek)
Ogarna 121
Ogarna 121

5:00 PM: Meet and greet

5:15 PM: Generative AI in Real Estate with Google Gemini

6:00 PM: Jumpstart Your Journey with Angular: Why There's No Better Time Than Now

6:45 PM: Networking


We will host 2 amazing talks:

1. Generative AI in Real Estate with Google Gemini by Volodymyr AhafonovTalk agenda: 

  1. Real Estate agents' problems
  2. GenAI approach to solving those problems
  3. Main challenges with the usage of Google Gemini in Real Estate
  4. Google Gemini hallucinations and how to deal with them

2. Jumpstart Your Journey with Angular: Why There's No Better Time Than Now by Kamil Wojkowski

Talk description:

Get started with Angular and discover why today's landscape makes it extremely accessible to developers from all backgrounds, including backend and fullstack. In this talk, we'll explore the latest Angular features that streamline development, increase productivity and simplify integration with your backend systems. Whether you want to extend your fullstack capabilities or integrate more seamlessly with frontend frameworks, Angular's robust ecosystem and community support make it an ideal choice. We'll demystify Angular's core concepts, showcase practical examples of its powerful capabilities in action, and provide the tools to successfully leverage this versatile platform. Join me in my debut talk in English to see how Angular can elevate your projects and why now is the perfect time to get into it!

join us in the beautiful old town in Gdansk.


Volodymyr Ahafonov - Softserve

Experienced Data Scientist from SoftServe with seven years of experience, specializing in Computer Vision and with exposure to NLP. Developed numerous deep learning solutions from zero to hero with a focus on performance optimization. Professional interests include creating visualization tools for deep learning model debugging, researching the latest model architectures, and exploring GenAI ap…

Kamil Wojkowski

Passionate about JavaScript ecosystem since 2017, I have gone through various aspects of frontend development, occasionally working on fullstack CRUD applications. Currently leading the frontend team at Deep Instinct. More important to me is how processes work, not just that they work. Outside of code, I find escape in the coastal woods, although my heart belongs to the mountains and hiking tr…

Hosted By

Piotr Prus, GDG Organizer

Piotr Prus is a self-taught Android developer with a deep passion for tackling challenges in UI and architecture. He thrives on the opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible in mobile app development. Currently, Piotr is enamored with Jetpack Compose and Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile, spending countless hours honing his skills and exploring their potential.

Beyond his technical expertise, Piotr actively seeks to connect with new people in the industry. He is a firm believer in the power of collaboration and the value of networking. Always eager to learn from others and share his knowledge, Piotr enthusiastically engages with fellow developers, fostering meaningful connections that contribute to personal and professional growth.

Recently joined the Google Developer Experts.

Natalia Nazaruk, Android Developer

Jakub Mosakowski, Engineering Manager

I'm a passionate software engineer. At work, I lead two cross-technology teams and develop mobile applications (Android) using Kotlin. After hours, I co-organize Google Developer Group meetings in the Tricity region (Trójmiasto - northern Poland).

Bachelor of Science IT

Master of Arts Psychology

Olha Chumak, Volunteer


SoftServe (https://career.softserveinc.com/en-us/poland)

SoftServe is more than just technology and ideas - we are the place where talented and ambitious people can develop their passion! We operate at the cutting edge of technology, exploring, transforming, accelerating, and optimizing the way large enterprises and software companies do business. We specialize in software development and consultancy in the field of AI, Data Science, Big Data, IoT, Cloud, DevOps, IT security and experience design.

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