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All you want to know about Java

All you want to know about Java
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20.09.2016 (wtorek)
angielski , polski
"All you want to know about Java." Hungry for learning Java? That's great! We have a meeting for you where you will find answers to many questions about Java. Why do so many businesses select or continue to use Java? What makes the Java development world great? What do engineers love about it? What's with Java 8? 1. Why Java? Why do so many businesses select or continue to use Java? What makes the Java development world great? What do engineers love about it? Taken from the perspective of a language-neutral manager, we’ll cover the strengths (and weaknesses) of developing Java for a business, particularly at an enterprise scale. We’ll also cover points for when NOT to use Java, or where you may need to consider strategies that compensate for Java’s weaknesses. Additionally, we’ll discuss career building in Java, some ideal points to consider when developing your skills, and how work in a successful Java development team. Speaker: Elizabeth Kelly, Senior Engineering Manager, Akamai Technologies LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/elizabethkelly Elizabeth Kelly is a manager and engineer who enjoys getting teams of people together to build (and break!) large, complicated pieces of infrastructure. She specializes in identity management systems, web development, and secure system integration. She has programmed and deployed code in Python, Java, C/C++, JavaScript, and PHP. Her favorite network standard is the SSL Handshake. Currently managing teams working with Secure Platform Interfaces and Web Performance at Akamai. 2. JAVA 8 – WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? It’s late 2016, so you probably have been using Java 8 goodies for a while: lambdas, Stream, Optional, new date API ? stuff which makes Java development much more pleasant. But the question is: do you know these tools well? I bet you said yes, because writing sweet Java 8 code is piece of cake ? you’re using efficient, parallel streams and many lambdas, so what could possibly go wrong? Let me put this straight: most probably you’re doing something wrong. In this talk I won’t actually try to prove that you don’t know what you’re doing, on the contrary ? I’ll try to help you be a better programmer by pointing out few mistakes you can make when writing Java 8 code (I know that because I made them all). I’ll also discuss couple common misconceptions regarding Stream and Optional and mention missing language features (also if there is a chance to see them in Java 9 or what library should you use instead). Last but not least, I’ll present you a number of lesser-known gems I found in deepest corners of JDK API, which, I hope, will make your life as a software developer a little bit easier.  
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