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Come [email protected]

Typ wydarzenia:
23.01.2019 (środa)
Netent Poland
Aleja Pokoju 1
Strona www:

A warm welcome to Come Code @NetEnt v.1.0

We prepared for you the first edition of the hackathon! We are a group of game lovers, focused on creating an astonishing stuff aka. we build games.

What the whole announcement is about?

Someday, we came up with an idea to stress out the existence of a gaming industry in Krakow's community. Hence, we want to organize a practical meet up in order to bring you closer to the gaming world. Of course, some of you may already have an experience in games programming but some of you not. We aim to both of these groups.

The idea which stays behind this event is firstly, to have a good fun and secondly, to organize a kind of competition. Where you can show your engineering knowledge off by building better smarter, faster code. It will be a game. Based on a given set of rules and tools you will need to create a monster-machine.

During the competition, you may work individually, in pairs or in a group of three.

We prepared awards for the winners!

Why it is worth to participate in Come Code @NetEnt?

  • You will get an insight about the gaming industry.
  • You will see how agile you are to do many code in such short time.
  • You will have a fun.
  • You will meet interesting people.
  • You may win an attractive award.

How to register to Come Code @NetEnt?

It is simple, please apply through a registration form and wait for our approval


However, please bear in mind there is a limited number of participants. So, it may turn out that not everyone will have a chance to take part in. But no worries and stay tuned, we will come back with next editions!

What do you need to take part in?

Knowledge of JavaScript is a key. Both advanced programmers and those ones with basic skills should manage.

Bring your laptop, good to have something where you can code ;). You may work either individually or in a group (2-3 people), it depends on what you prefer.

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