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Flutter Warsaw #18: The LeanCode Edition

Flutter Warsaw #18: The LeanCode Edition
Typ wydarzenia:
17.04.2024 (środa)
Atlantic Cinema
Chmielna 33

17:30 - 17:50 (CEST) | Opening and warmup

17:50 - 18:00 | Official welcome & introduction

18:00 - 18:35 | Robert Odrowąż Sypniewski – How to use Google Gemini API to make localization easier with arb_translate [EN] and Q&A

18:35 - 19:10 | Piotr Rogulski - Boost Your Blocs with Functional Programming: bloc_lens in Action [EN] and Q&A

19.10 - 19.35 | Paweł Jakubowski - Creating a VS Code extension to integrate your Flutter app with Widgetbook seamlessly [EN] and Q&A

19.35 - 20.00 | Matej Rešetár - Navigation in Flutter - the not-so-obvious parts [EN] and Q&A

20.00 - 20.10 | Summary & Additional info

20:10 - 21:30 | Networking&Beer&Snacks


Flutter Warsaw #18: The LeanCode Edition is here, and we're thrilled to invite you to a great evening of Flutter insights and community bonding! Join us at the historic Indie Cinema “Kino Atlantic” in Warsaw for a great tech experience brought to you by the Experts from LeanCode.

Join us on Wednesday, April 17th, at the Kino Atlantic (Chmielna 33, Warsaw) for a great onsite event! Doors will open at 5.30 pm (CEST/Warsaw time), and we'll start talks around 5.50 pm. All talks will be in English.

Wondering why is it all LeanCode? The answer is simple: The LeanCode team has tons of handy Flutter know-how that hasn’t been shared with the community yet, and it has been enough to fill the entire event.

Mark your calendar and join us! The location is really cool—Kino Atlantic was opened in 1930 and is the only cinema in Warsaw that survived the Warsaw Uprising.

IMPORTANT: Please only join this Meetup event here when you are going to attend in person in Warsaw. Then we make sure there is a reserved spot for you!

Talks Information:

Robert Odrowąż-Sypniewski - How we used Google Gemini API to make localization easier with arb_translate

In this talk, we'll delve into our experience using the Google Gemini API, and show how we used it to create arb_translate. We will explore the challenges we faced with Gemini API, how we added support for EU users, and how you can create your AI-powered tool with Dart and google_generative_ai package. You will also learn how arb_translate can help you in your current Flutter project.

Piotr Rogulski - Boost Your Blocs with Functional Programming: bloc_lens in Action

BLoC is a great, scalable state management library. Still, it can fall short when it comes to handling complex objects. `bloc_lens` is a new solution to simplify accessing and modifying state in your app. Using the foundations of functional programming and inspired by Haskell, it allows you to hide the complexity of compound state by focusing on one field at a time. During the talk, you will learn the original concept behind functional lenses and how they can help simplify dealing with business logic in Dart.

Paweł Jakubowski - Creating a VS Code extension to integrate your Flutter app with Widgetbook seamlessly

Every day, developers face the grind of repetitive processes that can eat into our valuable time. In this lightning talk, we’ll explore the pragmatic side of development as we delve into custom VS Code extensions. Discover how these tools can be the key to automating routine tasks. To bring it all together, we'll walk through a practical case – creating an extension that makes adding new widgets to Widgetbook a breeze.

Matej Rešetár - Navigation in Flutter - the not-so-obvious parts

Navigation between screens is an inseparable part of Flutter app development. However, such a fundamental thing is not so simple once you move beyond the absolute basics. You have the imperative Navigator 1.0 and declarative Navigator 2.0. Many different packages provide their own implementation and flavor to the declarative navigator - which one to choose? How to deal with, for example, nested routes? In this talk, you’re going to learn best practices and tips on how to navigate the vast world of navigation in Flutter.

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