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Meetup 132: Let's talk about search, baby (English)

Meetup 132: Let's talk about search, baby (English)
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24.11.2022 (czwartek)
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ul. Słowackiego 19
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Hi y'all.

This time around, we're going to do a deep dive into search and search-related concepts - from the basics to the AI thingies. And search is everywhere, from our applications to how we write them (you have to find that code to copy-paste it, right?)

Zbyszko Papierski, who dedicated most of his career to the topic, will lead us through all of the concepts and explain to you what's and how it's happening inside.

After the session, we will have the AMA-search (ask me anything about search) session, so you can discuss your experience or ask for advise.

After this session - you'll be able to find the previous 131 ones (badumc, curtain).

And don't worry, Michal G dad jokes ended with the above line, you're safe!

Speaker: Zbyszko Papierski

Title: Add search, you say? Sounds easy, right?


It’s very easy to brush off search as a functionality provided like any other backend service - or even treat search engines as one of the NoSQL solutions out there. Nothing can be further from the truth - providing a relevant search for your application or website is a complex task on multiple levels. Multitude of languages that require different handling (not every language has a decency to split the words with spaces), thousands of synonyms and abbreviations–all of this even before the real fun begins (what did that user mean when you search for “fishing”?).

In this talk I’ll give you a glimpse into the work of search relevance engineers. We will walk a path from a useless SQL query to something that can actually provide value to your users–allowing them to find information even if they aren’t exactly sure what they’re looking for. It’ll be far from a complete work–but search relevance work is never finished.


Engineer with more than 15 years of IT experience, with more than half of those years spent on figuring out search (still work in progress). Currently lead search engineer at Brainly, after hours helping to run this very meetup. Also a DDD fanatic (the strategic part).

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