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OWASP Poland Day 2018

OWASP Poland Day 2018
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10.10.2018 (środa)
Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Management of Warsaw University of Technology (CZIiTT PW)
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"OWASP Poland Day is the largest annual security conference in Poland focused on topics related to application security. The conference brings together developers, penetration testers and CISOs responsible for ensuring application security. Apart from great presentations delivered by leading application security professionals and researchers the conference will be fantastic networking opportunity.

List of already confirmed speakers and presentations:

  • Frans Rosen - Attacking Modern Web Technologies
  • Pedro Fortuna - Are your JavaScript-based protections really secure?
  • William Jardine & Anthony Fielding - Common Vulnerabilities and How to Find Them: e-Commerce and Financial Trading Apps
  • Johan Peeters - Using OAuth and OpenID Connect for access control
  • Takaharu Ogasa - Push Left and Beyond, Building Practical Skills for Fixing Vulnerabilities with OWASP A&D Project
  • Omer Levi Hevroni - Secure the pipeline: How to build a secure Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline
  • Dani Ramirez - AppSec: IPMI: An express train to hell
  • Luca Caretoni - Web Security in the Desktop World
  • Ralf Kempf - SAP attack scenarios - Detecting the Hand Still in the Cookie Jar
  • Tomasz Bukowski - You can’t be fast and be slow at the same time… 1001 things about security
  • Michał Sajdak - REST API Security - 20 real-life cases
  • Łukasz Gołygowski - Testing for second order & impedance mismatch SQL Injection
  • Jakub Botwicz - AFL (American Fuzzy Lop) that you do not know
  • Krystian Szybis - Responsible Disclosure in a bank
  • Damian Rusinek - Outsmarting smart contracts - an essential walkthrough a blockchain security minefields
  • Andrzej Dyjak - Zero Trust Theorem
  • Michał Kurek – Application security in IIoT world

More interesting presentations will come. They will be organized in two tracks.

Networking opportunities: evening dinner, lunch, coffee breaks."

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