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25th Level Code - Fresh look at test coverage

25th Level Code - Fresh look at test coverage
Event type:
27.03.2017 (monday)
Biuro Sii Wrocław
Gwiaździsta 66
Strona www:
Zapraszamy na kolejne spotkanie 25th Level Code, tym razem w ramach GeekWeekWro :)
Kiedy: 27.03.; godz. 18:00
Temat: "Fresh look at test coverage"

The problem of quality of tests and their value seems to get traction in recent months. What kind of techniques can you employ in order to understand better the value automated tests bring? We used to rely on test coverage, but the information we can acquire from such kind of reports is lacking necessary details to help one draw meaningful conclusions and help answer bothering questions, like whether 60% of code covered with tests is good or not? I doubt anyone can answer those questions given just a single number.
I struggled with the same problem in my recent project. Analysing code from various perspectives, helped me come up with extra dimensions of data, not available in standard, flat, coverage report. Combining multiple sources helped me understand what risk hides behind every missing percentage of test coverage.
Hope my presentation will also give you some insights into how Spartez and Atlassian work and how the role of quality engineer differs from standard approach you commonly see in most software companies.

Speaker: Bartosz Szulc
Tester at heart. Keeping hands dirty with test automation since started professional career.
Designing strategies, architecting, delivering frameworks and test environments for single page and responsive applications. Actively involved in local testing communities, presenting on most popular testing conferences in Poland. Recently joined Spartez and started helping Atlassian to train, mentor and prove software developers can become good testers too. Working with products with vast user base and complicated architecture shifted interests into data analysis, quantification of perceived quality, and problems of scale in automation. On daily basis trying to combine psychological aspects of testing with numbers and automation. Obowiązują zapisy przez Meetup.com

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