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GoCracow #12 - Custom Kubernetes Controllers and Killing legacy and CQRS stories

GoCracow #12 - Custom Kubernetes Controllers and Killing legacy and CQRS stories
Event type:
21.05.2024 (tuesday)
High 5ive FOUR
Pawia 21

1. Registration [30 min; 17:30 - 18:00]

Register yourself at the office’s reception and print a badge with your name and photo. Please do not come at the last moment.

2. Andrzej Lichnerowicz, Custom Kubernetes Controllers [EN; 45 min; 18:00 - 18:45]

So you’ve deployed your application to Kubernetes, right? Great. In part 2 of the miniseries, I will talk about one of the next steps — trying to have a better control over your application once it’s there in the wild.

Andrzej Lichnerowicz is a software developer focused mainly on Go and Zig. With a rich background spanning telecommunications, travel, real-time graphics and data analytics, he's navigated roles as both a hands-on contributor and a people manager. Currently working on Splunk Core Platform by day, and UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage by night (https://kskpd.pl).

3. Pizza Break [30 min; 18:45 - 19:15]

4. Miłosz Smółka, Killing the legacy and other CQRS stories [EN; 45 min; 19:15 - 20:00]

Do you know the feeling when your project gets stuck, and you can’t move forward? You see a few ways out, but all seem equally bad. You start wondering if the project is doomed or if you just miss some special knowledge. I felt this the most while trying to move out of legacy systems, but it’s common in many projects.

Over time, I learned that changing your mental model may reveal a solution you didn’t see before. Looking back at some of my projects, I realized one of the patterns that helped me think differently was CQRS.It doesn’t matter if you’ve used CQRS before, as I don’t plan to bore you with abstract definitions. A lot has been said about the theory of CQRS. Instead, I want to show how I used it in practice. I will share three real stories from different companies and projects where I managed to move forward and better grasp CQRS. One of them was the most challenging: killing the legacy codebase.

Miłosz Smółka is a Principal Backend Engineer at GetHarley. He writes about Go, modern business software, and related topics at https://threedots.tech. He enjoys sharing what he has learned while working at startups and building products in different fields.


Announcing next GoCracow meetup in a new location! Get ready to join us as we bring the community back together live and in person. This time, we're thrilled to have Splunk - The Unified Security and Observability Platform - as our host!

Registration for the event is mandatory and seats are limited. Please attend here on meetup.com and enroll yourself in the office’s reception during the actual meetup. The host is going to provide some pizza, drinks, and snacks.

We will try to record the event and to publish it later on our YouTube channel.

We need you! We encourage you to propose talks for next meetups: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeTAkTCdU9buxtpvTHWe8c31n6K-RKi4bH-BZpZTop7Ox54Tw/viewform. We plan to have GoCracow #13 in July, so if you can't attend now, stay tuned!

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