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meet.js KRK [with Codete]

meet.js KRK [with Codete]
Event type:
27.02.2024 (tuesday)
Na Zjeździe 11

On Tuesday, February 27th @5:30pm, in cooperation with Codete, once again we bring you the best meetups in town! We have snacks! We have beer! We have great presentations and all your favorite JS folks in one place!

If you are a senior developer, JavaScript intern, or a web apps enthusiast, this meetup is the best way to meet people, make friends, and to share and gather new knowledge.

Tell your friends, tell your dog and your neighbors, and see you soon!

Want to cooperate, speak at our event or sponsor a similar one? Write [email protected]


Tomasz Borowicz – Tech news

Mateusz Kwaśniewski – Backend development without magic - TypeScript edition

In this presentation, we will learn how to build highly composable, type-safe, and testable systems without the typical enterprise framework magic.

If you wish to unlearn years of practices such as using:

  • DI containers
  • Mocking frameworks
  • ORMs
  • Magical conventions
  • @Transactional dandruff
  • Invasive technology-driven architectures

This presentation is for you.

Anna Migas – Web performance optimisations for the harsh conditions

Small web performance tweaks and optimisations might not make a difference for some of the users: there can be physical barriers that will make it impossible to achieve the fast page load and the smooth browsing. After working for over a year on a project directed towards emerging markets (namely Nigeria and Kenya), I came to realise that the popular web performance metrics are all centred around a specific type of person: someone who is used to the fast and reliable connection. But when the conditions are not ideal on daily basis, what are our choices? In my talk we will chat about the improvements that will have real impact on the user experience for users browsing the web in the harsh conditions. I will also share details about the background of users in Africa and how their perception might differ from the users we typically develop for.

Anna works as a Lead UI Developer at Field Intelligence helping to bring healthcare to the fastest emerging markets in the world. She is always trying to find ways to make people fall in love with coding and has a long history of organizing coding workshops for WebMuses and Rails Girls. In her spare time, she is practicing Pilates, playing Hearthstone and traveling. She also holds the Google Developer Experts title in area of Web Technologies since 2018.


Codete is a software company based in Poland that specializes in custom software development and IT consulting. Our first office opened in Cracow in 2010, and we have since expanded to Lublin, Berlin, and coworking spaces in major Polish cities (Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Gdansk).

  • 350+ specialists
  • 12+ years of professional experience
  • 120+ projects finished
  • 70+ clients from around the world

We collaborate with businesses from all over the world, including the DACH region, Israel, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, and Hong Kong. In 2020, we partnered with the University Hospital of Cracow to support the institution's research and development efforts by analyzing medical data using Data Science (ML, AI, and others).

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