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Core Developer Intern

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Key information



Type: Other
Level: apprenticeship / internship

formal aspects

Contract type: contract of mandate
Salary range: 1 500 - 3 000 gross PLN (contract of mandate)


Used Technologies/Tools:
Key: C++


Flexible working hours: yes

Required technologies /tools


other requirements

Foreign language: English

Benefity dla pracowników

Integration budget
  • Integracja (np. wyjazdy, wspólne wyjścia)
Event budget
  • Wydarzenia branżowe (szkolenia, konferencje)
Development budget
  • Dofinansowanie do różnych szkoleń
Przestrzeń biurowa
  • Parking samochodowy i rowerowy

The role

Would you like to start your adventure in the Internet of Things? Join us for our summer internship program – Futurehome Academy – as a CORE DEVELOPER INTERN.

As a CORE DEVELOPER INTERN at Futurehome, you will be part of our TECH TEAM which is responsible for building and developing all IoT solutions at Futurehome. You will be able to make the first steps in an amazing career in the IoT field in an international, innovative company that creates awesome products for the global market.

This is a great opportunity for a person with a passion for trying out new tools, sharing your ideas with the team, and putting in the effort to bring those ideas to life while maintaining a constant drive for excellence.


  • Analytical mind
  • Growth mindset
  • Basic embedded software skills
  • Proficiency in English (no certificates, but skills :))

Great asset if you

  • Already worked on a startup idea or took part in hackathons
  • Are passionate about IoT an especially smart home
  • Have already experience in tech companies;
  • Worked already in an international company

Why join?

  • you will learn how to build IoT solutions with C/C++ and IoT Radio protocols from the stellar Futurehome experts;
  • you will learn the full development process in an international tech environment;
  • you will learn about new technologies and skills that create solutions of the future;
  • you will understand the functions of in tech team and will be able to establish your first steps in a stellar IoT career path.


What is most interesting about this role?

  • learning opportunities,
  • an exciting and friendly team that feels like a family,
  • ability to bring and implement your ideas and creative powers in building a great workplace and talent-friendly work culture.


  • flexible working hours;
  • remote work is possible;
  • opportunity to work on breakthrough, international projects;
  • opportunities for career advancement and professional development;
  • option to participate in multiple learning initiatives, meetups, and internal projects.

Training and development opportunities in the role/team

  • internal training that will help you speed up your career development;
  • external learning programs,
  • courses,
  • tutorials that will help you skyrocket your people career
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