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Meet.js Kraków - Gamedev.js

Meet.js Kraków - Gamedev.js
Typ wydarzenia:
26.10.2018 (piątek)
Yggdrasil Gaming
Lubicz 17i
  • 18:00 Welcome drink
  • 18:15 Mathew Groves, An introduction to Pixi.JS
  • 19:00 Grzegorz Przybyłowicz, Move, jump, fly - Building animations in HTML5 games.
  • 19:40 Jens Malmborg, Tricks with spine. Using spine animations to create a stunt jump game
  • 20:20 Andrzej Mazur, Progressive Web Apps and board games
  • 21:00 Contest with an amazing prize -more details out soon
  • 21:15 - 22:00 snack, drinks and nice music at #YggdrasilBasement

  • Mat Groves (creator of pixi.js)

About the speaker: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mathew-groves-57225035/

Topic: An introduction to Pixi.JS

An introduction to Pixi.JS: the open source HTML5 rendering engine with an overview of what Pixi.JS is and how it can help you with making HTML5 2D content. I will go through its features using examples and also popping the hood to explain how it works and the techniques we use at GoodBoy Digital to get the engine running as fast as possible.

Broken down:

  • Intro / Overview
  • What is Pixi - overview of what why and who pixi is
  • Features Overview - Top level overview of pixis features (common and less know ones)
  • Sprite Rendering in depth dive - (how we make pixi render fast)
  • Filters - (how they work)
  • Texture management - Importance of managing textures, showing of the garbage collector
  • V5 - New v5 features and introduction to new new midlevel API

  • Grzegorz Przybyłowicz

About the speaker:


Topic: Move, jump, fly - Building animations in HTML5 games.

The last few years have brought new capabilities in web development. This has revolutionized the kind of games we can make in our browsers. I will cover just some of the solution we use in our animations which combined with Pixi.js give you powerful and a useful mix of technics to polish and boost your games. We will cover basic concepts as well as some more advanced topic, tips and tricks. Let's see how to make things move, fly, change weather or set on fire :). Use case study straight from Yggdrasil

  • Jens Malmborg

About the speaker:


Topic: Tricks with spine. Using spine animations to create a stunt jump game

  • Andrzej Mazur

About the speaker: HTML5 Game Developer and Mozilla Tech Speaker, Enclave Games indie studio founder, js13kGames competition creator and Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter publisher. Runs Gamedev.js meetups in Poland.

Passionate about new, Open Web technologies, excited about WebXR with A-Frame and Progressive Web Apps. Likes eating sushi and playing Neuroshima Hex.

Topic: Progressive Web Apps and board games

Description: Progressive Web Apps are the next step in Web's evolution. In the upcoming years it will become as common and widely used technique as Responsive Web Design currently is. You can harness the power of PWAs right now and build multiplatform experiences that have the abilities of native apps, but can go far beyond.

I'm going to show you a use case of how being both a JavaScript developer and board games fan can result in an interesting outcome.


Yggdrasil Gaming invites you for special edition of gamedev.js!

Calling all game developers!

We’re bringing a legend to our dev studios:

Mat Groves – creator of pixi.js

Join if you:

  • are a game developer and want to get pixi.js insights from the original source.
  • want to meet Mat Groves, creator of pixi.js rendering engine, in person.
  • want to learn from some awesome igaming veterans from Poland and Sweden.
  • are looking to move into the gaming industry, or already do and need some fresh inspiration.
  • want to network with like-minded professionals.

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