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Measuring and Evidence-Based Prioritization and Quality Control of IT Requirements and Designs.

Measuring and Evidence-Based Prioritization and Quality Control of IT Requirements and Designs.
Szkolenia eksperckie
24.11.2018 - 28.11.2018
Liczba godzin:
35 godz.
Artbistro Stalowa 52, ul. Stalowa 52, 03-429 Warszawa
Strona www:

How to be ’ninja’ product owner or business analyst who knows how to prioritize value delivery quantitatively and logically with lower risk?

The course will present specific practical methods, which will improve the Product Owner/Business Analyst’s productivity. Course will introduce you to Planguage (a full systems planning language), EVO (agile project management method), Impact Estimation Table, Specification Quality Control and many others tools and methods.

For whom: 

It is intended for individuals and organizations that are seriously motivated to deliver much better results, much earlier and get control over risks, economics and time - the upper 1% of competence

About Tom Gilb:

Tom Gilb has experience of lean and agile methods in practice for decades. He has worked for some of the largest and most advanced international organizations, who have adopted his methods: IBM, HP, Boeing, Intel, Citigroup, Philips, and many more, including smaller European Companies. He has published 9 IT Books, several of which are considered landmarks. The 1988 Principles of Software Engineering Management is referenced as the book that the Agile Fathers consider foundational, and Tom is publicly acknowledged by the Founders, and Research as the Grandfather of Agile. His newest book ‘Value Planning’ goes deep into the management aspect of agile and lean planning for IT systems and organizational improvement, as well as product and service planning. Tom is USA born, and resides in Norway and London. His was named Honorary Fellow of the British Computer Society.

His ideas are always an advance on conventional wisdom; but they are also practical and proven worldwide in the leading edge organizations. More at www.gilb.com

"Tom Gilb invented Evo, arguably the first Agile process. He and his son Kai have been working with me in Norway to align what they are doing with Scrum.

Kai has some excellent case studies where he has acted as Product Owner. He has done some of the most innovative things I have seen in the Scrum community."

Jeff Sutherland, co-inventor of Scrum,

“I’ve always considered Tom to have been the original agilist. In 1989, he wrote about short iterations (each should be no more than 2% of the total project schedule). This was long before the rest of us had it figured out." 

Mike Cohn


Course agenda: 

Saturday: Stakeholder Analysis, Requirements Analysis

Sunday: Requirements, Objectives Specification

Monday: Quality control, Quality Assurance, Requirements Prioritization

Tuesday: Strategy Specification, Architecture Specification, Strategy / Architecture Decomposition

Wednesday: Estimation of Strategy, Cost-Effectiveness across all Critical Requirements, Costs Estimation, Risk Specification, Dynamic Computed Prioritization

Learn more about Tom Gilb's Masterclass: https://nowy.me/gilb/

Rejestracja i dodatkowe informacje: https://nowy.me/gilb/