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DevOps Wroclaw:

DevOps Wroclaw
Typ wydarzenia:
12.09.2019 (czwartek)
polski , angielski
Infor Wrocław
Piłsudskiego 69
Strona www:
  • 18:00 – Grab a beer and take a seat
  • 18:10 – Intro [EN]
  • 18:15 – "Overcoming deployment complexity with INFOR’s tool - FARO" by Adrian Synal [EN/PL]
  • 19:15 – "4 years with GitLab at Ocado Technology" by Piotr Kurpik and Artur Frysiak [EN/PL]
  • 20:15 – Pizza and mingle time

This DevOps Wroclaw meetup will be hosted at INFOR office.

We will have two great talks:

18:15 – Talk #1

“Overcoming deployment complexity with INFOR’s tool - FARO” by Adrian Synal [EN/PL]

Talk Abstract:

Deploying and integrating complex Infor products in various stages of their cloud journey and various technology stacks was very challenging for deployment teams.

This talk will present a tool created by Infor developers and the whole process of deploying Infor applications in an easy way.

How Infor was able to solve common deployment problems bringing own DevOps toolset into the table, and how we deploy, integrate and update our applications in our daily basis.

Speaker Bio:

Adrian Synal is part of INFOR team from 2,5 years and has 4 years of experience with cloud based systems and solutions.

Started his IT journey as an old school sysadmin and is interested in the areas of CI / CD, infrastructure as a code and site reliability engineering.

A lazy man by nature, prefers to lie on the beach than climb the mountains.

Hobbystically “petrolhead”, likes to get his hands dirty.

19:15 – Talk #2

“4 years with GitLab at Ocado Technology” by Piotr Kurpik and Artur Frysiak [EN/PL]

Talk Abstract:

Ocado is the world's largest dedicated online grocery retailer and majority of their software to run webshop, mobile app or warehouse are developed internally. Four years ago they trusted GitLab as their one and only tool to control source code. Now after those few years Artur and Piotr from the team responsible for hosting and managing their self-hosted instance will tell what benefits it brings, what are the challenges and how it can be managed in an automated way.

Piotr's bio:

Piotr Kurpik is DevOps Engineer in Ocado Technology. He started his career as a SysAdmin and quickly discovered automation is what he likes to do. Since few years his main responsibility is taking care of tools useful for software development process, which helps automate as many repeatable tasks as possible. That includes version control, artifact storage and CI/CD tools. He likes to share his experience on local meetups. In his spare time, Piotr likes watching football, playing billiards and hiking.

Artur's bio:

Artur Frysiak is DevOps Engineer in Ocado Technology. He is fully committed to automation in software delivery. Worked in the past as SysOps, software engineer, team leader. Long-time PLD Linux contributor. Fanboy of build automation (make, autotools, CMake, Gradle).




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