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Krakow Erlang & Elixir Meetup October 2022

Krakow Erlang & Elixir Meetup October 2022
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13.10.2022 (czwartek)
Karmelicka 7
Karmelicka 7
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Join us for two fantastic presentations to inspire Erlang and Elixir users alike at this month's Meetup. As always, we will have discussion, network, snacks and beer provided throughout the event.

Presentation 1 + Q&A - 45 min:

Speaker: Nelson Vides - Senior Developer - Erlang Solutions

Topic: Building blocks and how to use them: a MongooseIM case study

Abstract: This is a talk about open source and the community, with MongooseIM as its backbone. MongooseIM is Erlang Solutions’ robust, scalable and customizable messaging server, and using it as a “case study”, I want to tell the story of the evolution of a big and old open source project. I’ll start presenting common Erlang design patterns for a server – the supervision trees, the many processes, the NIFs when they are needed, and most importantly, the ways to preserve a big project manageable and continuously evolving.

I also want to present the libraries that branched off from MongooseIM. In the evolution of a big project, often times you find pieces of code that are not an integral part of the business logic but actually can be generalised and reused for projects potentially very different from your own. I want to present what we found and how, what we extracted, and what we prepared for other people to reuse.

Presentation 2 + Q&A - 45 min:

Topic: Evolutionary algorithms with Elixir Nx

The thesis took first place in the competition for the best engineering thesis "ENGINEER 4 SCIENCE 2022" at AGH University of Science and Technology.

Speakers: Mateusz Benecki, Developer - Appliscale

Jonatan Kłosko, Developer - Dashbit -

Abstract: The development of Nx opened the doors to efficient numerical computation in the Elixir ecosystem, enabling high-level code to run on accelerators such as GPU. In the numerical area we can find evolutionary algorithms - a group of biology-inspired techniques for solving optimisation problems. We used Elixir Nx paired with Erlang distribution to develop Meow - a high-performance framework for evolutionary computation. This novel approach led to a state of the art performance on the GPU. In our presentation we discuss the Meow framework, its design, features and challenges.

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