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Polish Java User Group

Polish Java User Group
Typ wydarzenia:
25.09.2018 (wtorek)
Ocado - High5ive ul. Pawia 9
Pawia 9
Strona www:

Szukamy miejsca! Masz? Zgłoś się do LAFK_pl, wpisz komcia, daj znać na liście mejlowej. Jak znajdziemy, odblokuję RSVP. :-)

About Jarek: @j_palka

For more than 20 years in the IT industry, as a database administrator, programmer, architect, manager and "onsite disaster engineer". At the moment, working at Allegro.tech and as well as a consultant/architect in Symentis, enjoying the way of code, after few years as chief architect in SaaS business. I took part in small, medium and large projects nonsense, under the principles of "Waterfall", Agile and in the absence of any methodologies, always with the same effect. What led me to the conclusion that no matter what you do, as long how you do it well, in the simplest possible way and use appropriate tools that do the work for you. In the meantime, I fell in love in the ideas of TDD and Software Craftsmanship, to the limits exploring beautiful in its simplicity ideas as REST and NoSQL, only to abandon them to explore the secrets of "systems thinking" and admire the strength that brings "metaphor" and discover that we are all objects in an eternal virtual machine. Humble follower of the church of JVM, bytecode and JIT researcher, exploring all sorts of parsers, interpreters and compilers. From time to time you can hear my low-quality jokes about architecture conferences in Poland. I am also author of a blog on http://geekyprimitives.wordpress.com/ and self-proclaimed dictator in the program committee at SegFault ,CoreDump, 4Developers and JDD conferences.

About the talk:

You may ask yourself, what can be interesting in opening file? In Java? Welcome to the land of false assumptions, deadly dangerous illusions, superstitions and mis-believes, where ignorance is bliss. Modern OSs offer many ways to work with files, the only universal and ultimate abstraction, because everything is a file. During this talk I am going to walk us through how Java maps this behavior, how it treats file handles and which IO access patterns work is certain cases and why it sometimes explodes in the middle of the night. I can promise there will be a lot about syscalls, some performance numbers and little bit of JNI. If you think it is boring you can always go to another talk about hundred of ways how to inject object into object. If you have never heard about vectored IO, memory mapped files, direct IO or zero copy IO I am sure you will have loads of fun watching me trying compile all of examples.

Więcej informacji: https://www.meetup.com/Polish-Java-User-Group/events/254660875/

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