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RNCK × App.js Conf: meetup #14

RNCK × App.js Conf: meetup #14
Typ wydarzenia:
21.05.2024 (wtorek)
Software Mansion
Zabłocie 43B
Strona www:

We had too many too-good talk proposals for App.js Conf, and we didn't want them to go to waste, so....

Let's meet again at the pre-conference RNCK meet-up and listen to three special guests!

PS. Important! This time, the seating is very limited, so you have to register to get in! But please register ONLY if you plan to attend in-person.

We'll send the link to the live stream soon.

Rafael Mendiola

Build yourself a mobile development environment with Expo web

The software development industry will be changing significantly over the next few years, and it is increasingly important to improve operational efficiency. This talk proposes a novel approach to mobile development that leverages Expo’s untapped web capabilities to bypass some of the common frictions of building mobile apps.

Perttu Lähteenlahti

Cross-platform 3D experiences with Expo-GL and React Three Fiber

3D experiences are cool, but they can seem a bit tricky, especially for regular web developers. In his talk, Perttu is going to show you that building 3D experiences doesn't have to be hard, even if you're just starting out. He'll be focusing on how to get 3D graphics on both web and mobile apps. No need to be an experienced developer, the very basics of React will be enough to get started. He'll show you how to use tools like React Native, Expo-GL, and React Three Fiber to build these 3D experiences, how to keep things performant, and what you need to consider to keep things working on all platforms.

Mo Khazali

Let’s add tree-shaking to Metro

Metro doesn‘t support tree-shaking - this is quite unusual for modern bundlers and it means that oftentimes entire libraries get bundled in, even if you only use a small section of it. This will bloat your bundle (and app) size unnecessarily - this is mitigated by Hermes, where the JS bundle is precompiled.

In the age of Expo Router & using Metro for Web, bundle size actively comes back into the spotlight. To get React Native Web apps performant & fast, we need to generate web-quality bundles, that are kept as small as possible.

In this talk, we will go over what tree-shaking is, how it works, different types of tree-shaking we can do on React Native, and look at an alpha implementation of tree-shaking in Metro. We’ll finish off by looking at what practical steps you can take today on universal apps to mitigate against the lack of tree-shaking.

Więcej informacji: https://www.meetup.com/React-Native-Community-Krakow-RNCK/events/300732394/

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